Cool Camping Gear, Part 1

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Just in time for the holidays, here’s a two-part series on cool camping gear and where to find it.

#1 Glow In The Dark Rope

Looking for awesome camping stuff? Look no further than glow in the dark rope. Never again will you accidentally knock down the entire tent while stepping out for a midnight pee.   Find It Here 

#2 Camp Stove Toaster

Some things are hard to come by in the wilderness, such as kitchen fresh toast, but this is a problem of yesterday because we’ve got you covered today. Whether you’re a bread and butter guy or a toast and jam kind of girl, you don’t have to make that choice anymore! Find It Here

#3 Stingray Tree Tent

Keep safe above the ground and hang out in style in this three-person canopy. Find It Here

#4 The 20-in-1 Multi-Tool Survival Tool 

The survival axe makes it possible to operate anywhere, by pitting together all of the important outdoor survival tools into one compact package. It is lightweight and portable and quite a delight for the handy man or any other adventure lover. It is built to last and will withstand fundamentally any environment without risk of damage. Get it Here

#5 Camp Stove Power Charger

While we might like to go “gadget-free” for a day in the woods, some of us simply can’t live without our gadgets, or we at least love them so much that we would rather not consider going without them. Plug in with the BioLite and keep going for hours! Find It Here

#6 Campfire Griddle Grill

Hashbrowns? Check. Fried eggs? Check. Pancakes? You bet. Knock out a sweet breakfast with this campfire griddle! Find It Here


We’ll do the other six gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas on Friday!


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